RUWorth iT?

Do you know your worth?

Sadly, we often allow people around us or society to determine our value or worth. If they see our value as low, we sometimes accept it and live according to what was projected on us. Our decisions are then skewed because we begin to accept the lie.


Ever watch the television show “Antique Roadshow” where people bring stuff from their attics to an appraiser to find out its worth? An old dusty, disposable wooden box once used to store junk, suddenly has more value than a new car!


Our lives are the same way. When we don’t understand its value or worth, we make poor decisions. God loves us and knows us individually and personally. We are worth so much to Him that He allowed men He created to nail Him to a tree He created. He did this because He felt you were worth dying for. Jesus loves you… deeply.
You are special and unique. There is only ONE of you in 6.8 billion people. You are worth so much to Him, and you are definitely worth the wait!


Hampton Roads’ Worth the Wait Conference will help you if you have ever questioned your worth, your ability to fight sexual temptations, or even your sexuality.
Don’t buy into the lie. YOU are worth it! You are worth the wait.


WTW3 Conference is being held at I.C. Norcom High School, 1801 London Blvd, Portsmouth, VA 23704. Below is a basic timeline of the events:

Please contact us for more details at 757-484-4149.



Please contact us for more details at 757-484-4149.

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WTW3 Conference is being held at I.C. Norcom High School, 1801 London Blvd, Portsmouth, VA 23704. Below is a basic timeline of the events:



If you’re traveling, we have rooms blocked at the following establishments:

Renaissance Portsmouth Hotel & Waterfront Conference Center • 425 Water St., Portsmouth 757-673-3000

(Block: Grove Baptist Church) **Rooms are $129/night


Comfort Inn Olde Towne • 357 Effingham St., Portsmouth  757-397-7788 **Rooms are $89/night


Questions about WTW3 Youth Conference, call Grove Church at 757-484-4149.

Questions about becoming a sponsor, call Trio Mac at 757-635-2736



We have made every effort to create a conference that is as effective as it is relevant. During our first year’s WTW, we posed questions to our youth to explore some of the specific issues they were dealing with in their worlds. Our plan was to use that information to frame the discussions and topics in WTW2. Through the previous conference’s anonymous surveys, we learned that too many youth made decisions to have sex for preventable reasons. Many questioned their sexuality or had suffered traumatic experiences that skewed their perspective.


When youth don’t understand their ‘worth,’ they devalue themselves. From our first WTW surveys, over 22% claimed that they were sexually active, though 94% felt it was important to abstain from sex until marriage. Those teens that abstained did so primarily because they feared contracting sexually transmitted diseases (30%).  Behind that were those that feared their parents (25%), followed by those who feared pregnancy (20%).  Only 12% abstained for spiritual beliefs.


WTW3 will feature some of Hampton Roads most gifted youth leaders and speakers who will share with our teens the importance of a God-centered lifestyle. Our young generation is being attacked from every side with images, messages and music that is intended to steer them away from God and into the snare. Technology puts pornography and inappropriate materials available, on-demand and mobile. WTW3 will address these cultural challenges and equip youth with the tools to help them walk in renewed purpose, give them a greater value of self and provide them with information and the ability to make the right decisions.





ABC’s “Good Morning America” ran a story not long ago, ‘Teens: Oral Sex and Casual Prostitution- No Biggie.’ In it, they reported how oral sex has become the new ‘goodnight kiss,’ they showed how girls as young as 11 were engaged in sex parties and what some might see as prostitution by exchanging sexual favors for money or even homework.  These youth saw this as no big deal, though they concealed it from their parents because they knew they wouldn’t approve. When parents were interviewed, some questioned whether they even WANTED to know if their kids were sexually active.


Our culture is constantly bombarding youth with images suggesting that sex has no consequence, as they depict an imaginary world where teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are another family’s problem. With studies reporting that two-thirds of teens who had sexual intercourse wished they had waited, how do we promote abstinence in today’s culture to our youth?


We believe you start by helping teens understand their WORTH. When we first hosted our Worth the Wait (WTW) Youth Conference in 2010, the goals were simple: create a safe and fun environment where teens can be taught to understand their true worth and are equipped to abstain from sex by making the right decisions in their lives. WTW3 will be a highlight experience for middle and high school teens, with insight from Kirk Franklin, XTREEM GAMES, a concert, competitions, and real talk. We will discuss real issues, real concerns, and offer Godly, sensible and experienced guidance to equip our youth in responding to the day-to-day challenges they might face.


For parents who hope to avoid the crisis and repercussions that result when teenagers decide to have sex prematurely, an opportunity like this is priceless. Conferences offering as many activities as WTW3 will normally cost upwards of $250 per child, but because Grove Church is a ministry meeting the needs of people,  this conference is free to any youth interested in attending but unable to pay. Grove will not turn children away because they cannot afford the registration fee.


Do you know of someone who would like to attend the conference, but cannot due to finances?  Speak to Cardell Patillo ( or 757-484-4149), our Youth Pastor, to find out how Grove Church can sponsor that child.



2013 Registration Cost -Middle through High School:

•$35 Early-Bird Registration  (through June 16th )  *Groups of 10 or more $30

•$50 Registration Fee     (June 17th  – July 14th)  *Groups of 10 or more $45

•$0 Commitment Ceremony


*Please contact Grove’s Receptionist at 757-484-4149 to register groups.


Please click here to be taken to a secure site where you can register your son or daughter!


All youth must have a legal guardian sign and submit this release form to participate in activities